Bringing in the harvest

We harvest our seaweeds from a beautiful part of the South Devon coast.

Seaweed harvesting in devon

Water quality

Testing of water quality is a key part of our process.

We independently test the water quality in our area and use data provided by the Environment Agency, who also test throughout the season. Both sets of results show the water quality to be excellent. We further test our seaweeds following the drying process and again test our finished products.

seaweed harvesting in Devon

Seaweed varieties

We harvest a mixture of Sea Spaghetti, Dulse and Sea Lettuce all of which grows bountifully and naturally on our Devon coastline. We harvest the seaweed using scissors, so as not to damage the plants. In addition, when needed, we purchase Dulse and sea Lettuce from an organic certified European partner, who are also cultivators.

drying seaweed

The process

With the seaweed safely back at Seaspoon HQ, we wash and dehydrate it and then grind it into fine flakes, to be mixed into our blends - Boost, Herb and Umami.

Salsa certified production at Seaspoon

SALSA certified

As a business, we are Salsa Food accredited (Safe And Local Supplier Approval). SALSA is a UK-recognised food certification. SALSA audit food businesses to ensure they follow best practice and the accreditation is there to provide both consumers and retailers confidence that the products supplied are safe, legal and of consistent quality.

edible seaweed delivery from shore to door

From shore to door

We package our seaweed in pouches and sachets, ready to be packed into our sturdy delivery boxes for your orders and subscriptions. So that's the story of how Seaspoon seaweed makes its way from shore to door - and we love every minute!