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Seaweed - a wonderfood from the deep

Seaweed is one of the most nutritious and sustainable plants on the planet - yet rarely appears in our cooking. We have sought to rectify this by pooling knowledge to create a series of seaweed blends that are tasty, easy to use and nutritional!

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Why Seaweed?

Nutrition matters

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The latest seaweed recipes to dock at Port Seaspoon...

Red Cabbage with Dulse Seaweed | Vegan recipe

Red Cabbage with Dulse Seaweed | Vegan recipe Red cabbage is an important player in the quest for a rainbow diet of fruit and veg.
At Seaspoon HQ we serve it for more than just Christmas, because of its incredible nutritional properties - boosted further in this recipe by the addition of Dulse seaweed flakes.

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Christmas Nut Roast with Seaweed | Vegan recipe

Christmas Nut Roast with Seaweed | Vegan recipe Nut roast is a festive favourite at Seaspoon HQ, and for a very good reason. This flavourful vegan recipe is boosted with added vitamins and essential minerals by including Seaweed. Serve hot on Christmas Day, and enjoy the leftovers (if there are any!) cold on Boxing Day.

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Nutritious seaweed dog biscuit recipe

Nutritious seaweed dog biscuit recipe Your four-legged friend needn't feel left out this Christmas! These homemade dog biscuits will put him on cloud 9 with taste and nutritional goodness.

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Seaspoon Blog - we love to talk about edible seaweed!

Our top vegan seaweed recipes for Veganuary

Our top vegan seaweed recipes for Veganuary For Veganuary, we've brought together some of our very favourite vegan seaweed recipes. Seaweed is a valuable food for those on a dairy-free or dairy-limited diet, as it is a valuable plant-based source of the iodine that your body requires.

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Seaspoon Seaweed sails into Fine Food Digest's 'Best Brands'

Seaspoon Seaweed sails into Fine Food Digest's 'Best Brands'

Seaweed is "fast becoming the must-have superfood for the health-conscious". We're dancing a jig as we've just got wind of the fact that Seaspoon has made it into the Guild of Fine Food's much-anticipated publication 'Best Brands 2019-2020'. 

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Seaspoon Seaweed | BBC Good Food Magazine's Shopping Inspiration

Seaspoon Seaweed | BBC Good Food Magazine's Shopping Inspiration

"A great way to add flavour to meals without overdoing it on salt, sprinkle this seaweed, onion, garlic and pepper mix over everything from eggs to roast potatoes."Anna's Food Picks. This month's shopping inspiration from food & reviews writer Anna Lawson.

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Vitality From The Ocean...

Seaspoon naturally contains essential amino acids, supporting your body to build protein effectively and slow its breakdown.  With a high fibre content aids digestion. Also present are Carotenoids that are natural antioxidants. Don't just take our word for it, here's a very informative article from Healthista, 'Why Seaweed is Health Food of the Year'

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Edible seaweed on a rocky shoreline

Our Coastline...

We believe that life is precious – yours, ours, that of the marine world and the planet. By boat we gather our seaweed sustainably and ethically, with the utmost respect for the ocean and its delicate ecosystems.

When we’re not out hand-picking seaweed off the shores of South Devon, hand drying, hand packing, popping it in the post or devising new recipes for it…we’ll be sharing our stories.

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The RIB that we use to harvest seaweed on a beach in Devon