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Seaweed is a great source of plant protein, high in fibre, is a non-animal source of vitamin B12 and contains essential amino acids. It’s a natural and rewarding way to boost your intake of vitamins & minerals, being a natural source of iodine, contains peptides and is great for skin and hair too!

We gather seaweed sustainably and ethically, with a licence from the Crown Estate. Our team of foodies have gone forth to create our unique range of, daily, on-the-go seaweed Boost sachets ready to charge up your smoothies or add flavour to your recipes, packed with taste and serious goodness.


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We're SALSA certified!

We're SALSA certified!

November has been a busy month what with getting ready for attending our first events (the Free From Festival in Bristol on 17 November, and the BBC Good Food Show Winter at The NEC from 29 November for four days). Whilst all this has been going on, an incredibly important activity...

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Producers Bursary Award winners

Producers Bursary Award winners It's with a smile on our faces that goes from ear to ear that we say Seaspoon is a winner of the prestigious BBC Good Food Show Bursary Award, which means we'll be sharing our passion for seaweed at the BBC Good Food Show Winter...

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Seven reasons to dive into seaweed

Seven reasons to dive into seaweed

Seaweed has been eaten around the globe for thousands of years. There are a seemingly infinite number of varieties, over 500 of which grow here in UK waters. And it's one of the most nutrient dense natural foodstuffs on the planet.

Read on for our seven reasons, from the seven seas, to dive into Seaspoon seaweed >

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Vitamin Sea!

Sea vegetables and plants have the amazing ability to absorb the vitamin and mineral goodness from their environment, harnessing nature’s power to heal and nourish. SeaSpoon is packed full of these nutrients. From celebrities to chefs seaweed is the food on healthy foodies lips. While low in calories, seaweed contains a vast abundance of important minerals, trace element, proteins and vitamins, as well as dietary fibre and vital oils and fats. Seaweed like fish, is great brain food.

Vitality From The Ocean...

SeaSpoon naturally contains essential amino acids, supporting your body to build protein effectively and slow its breakdown.  With a high fibre content aids digestion. Also present are Carotenoids that are natural antioxidants. Don't just take our word for it, here's a very informative article 

Our Coastline...

We believe that life is precious – yours, ours, that of the marine world and the planet. By boat we gather our seaweed sustainably and ethically, with the utmost respect for the ocean and its delicate ecosystems.

When we’re not out hand-picking seaweed off the shores of South Devon, hand drying, hand packing, popping it in the post or devising new recipes for it…we’ll be sharing our stories here, in our blog. Don’t miss the boat!