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nourish your meals every day with seaweed's natural vitamins & minerals

What you put in affects what you get out

Whether you're kick-starting your healthy eating habits or continuing the good work, you're in the right place for an ingredient that hits the nutritional spot.

You may know of seaweed's amazing health benefits), though you may not know how to easy it is to incorporate it in your meals....UNTIL NOW!

+ Add Seaspoon Seaweed Boost into your food every day to power-up the goodness.

+ Dash Seaweed Umami Blend in as you cook for depth of flavour.

+ Flavour with Seaweed Herb Mix for a classic aroma with a heahty kick.

+ Sprinkle Seaweed Seasoning as a healthier alternative to the salt pot.

Or get the whole Seaspoon range in our Captain's Collection.

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Seaweed seasoning on a summer salad

Flavour with benefits

Knowledge is power

You're in charge of what you put in, and knowing you're nourishing body and soul with one of the most nutrient-dense veggies on the planet is a great thing!

Imagine knowing...

+ your meals are boosted with extra vitamins and minerals.

+ your body is benefitting from a source of plant protein that is high in fibre.

+ your food contains amino acids including Glutamate (essential for brain function) and Peptides (great for skin and hair).

+ you're seasoning with a plant-based ingredient that makes meals a source of naturally occurring iodine* and antioxidants.

Seaspoon Seaweed is gluten-free and we've made it so easy to use that you can sprinkle flavours with benefits every day! (*Our seaweed blends can be used daily, with 2g not exceeding any adult RDI.)

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Harvested by hand, sustainably and ethically

We blend four seaweeds (Sea Spaghetti, Sea Lettuce, and Dulse) each with their own nutritional qualities, into seasonings that hit all the right notes. We pick and choose our seaweeds very carefully to ensure the finest quality whilst ensuring sustainability. When harvesting you will find us in our waders scissors to hand and of course our trusty boat Seaspoon ready to ferry us home.

With our Crown Licence to hand, we harvest seaweed on the South Coast of Devon where the water quality is confirmed as 'excellent' by the Environment Agency. When needed, we purchase extra seaweed from a European partner who cultivate and are certified Organic. Once harvested, our seaweed is quickly taken back to Seaspoon HQ to be processed and included in our special Seaweed blends.

Flavour, nutrition, sustainability and ease of use are our guiding principles. Our range makes it simple to incorporate this wonderfood into your daily routine.

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Harvesting seaweed by hand in Devon

What people are saying...

“Seaspoon's new Seaweed Seasoning - pitchd as an alternative to the salt pot - will appeal to any consumer looking to reduce their salt intake without compromising on flavour ” Lauren Philips, Editor Find Food Digest

“Seaweed is a new way of introducing nutrient dense ingredients into our diet. And it’s an important thing.” Karen Barnes, editor, Delicious Magazine

“Seaspoon seaweed is fresh and from a new and previously untapped ‘seabed’, it will therefore have maximum nutrition. I was delighted to see how carefully Seaspoon has sourced their seaweed. It is important to avoid toxins and for our food to grow in a healthy environment." Emma Monteith, Nutritional Therapist

“I love the flavour of Seaspoon!” Lauren

“Fabulous product and so easy to use!” Tammy

“I feel like it's a little health boost every time we add it!” Laura

“Since adding Seaspoon to my life I will not be going back!” Polly

umami and herb mix edible seaweed - flavour box