Seaspoon Seaweed's Twelve REcipes of Christmas - helping you sprinkle goodness into your festive feast

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celebrate the festive season with our twelve recipes of Christmas

Platters to share, and starters you won't want to

Seaweed has a rich and a naturally salty flavour, perfect for boosting food without the need to reach for the salt pot. Bursting with natural goodness, this super ingredient will be the talk of the town this Christmas!

+ Halloumi Chips with Seaweed and Cranberry - Just when you thought squeaky cheese couldn't get any better....along comes a recipe that pumps up the flavour into a new stratosphere of yum!

+ Baked Camembert with Cranberries, Seaweed and Olives - With this sweet and salty topping of cranberries, seaweed flakes and olives your cheese dipping will go to the next level!

+ Goat's Cheese, Seaweed, Fig and Herb Scones Salad - Served as a light lunch sharing platter, this will be a festive crowd-pleaser. Sweet figs and sticky relish are a perfect accompaniment to rich goat's cheese.

+ Duo of Smoked Fish Pâtés with Seaweed - Seaweed and fish go hand in hand, so why limit yourself to a single fish pâté? This recipe duo is a quick and easy way to make a splash with your Christmas entertaining!

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seaweed - a genuine challenger to the salt pot

Big flavours for a stand-out festive feast

The main event

Be it breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, seaweed will add a healthy kick to any meal. Make your festive feast stand out from the crowd this year!

+ A Festive Tart - Leek, Cranberry and Seaweed - Nutritionally boosted with seaweed, this tart, or flan, would make a lovely light dish for boxing day, alongside any leftover turkey.

+ Christmas Nut Roast with Seaweed - This veggie centre-piece on Christmas Day can double up as a stuffing. This recipe with a Seaspoon seaweed twist, is a nutritional masterpiece for the festive season.

+ Smoked Haddock and Seaweed Kedgeree - Seaspoon Seaweed Boost is the ying to haddock's yang. Whatever the time of day, it's always the right time for lashings of kedgeree.

+ Fish and Sea lettuce Seaweed Goujons - This guaranteed crowd-pleaser is a much healthier, and a far lower salt, alternative to the freezer staple. The Sea Lettuce twist boosts goodness too. Gluten free.

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Treats that won't be sitting in the naughty corner this Christmas

Nourish and indulge at the same time, with Seaspoon seaweed

Desserts and afternoon tea need not be such a naughty affair – with these recipes you’ll want to entertain every day of the week, to show-off the delectable home-made goodies boosted in taste and nutrition by Seaspoon seaweed.

+ Dulse, Chocolate and Cranberry Brownies (& vegan alternative) - The best bit is, this brownie recipe is nowhere near as naughty as it looks.

+ Chocolate and Seaweed Truffles - The natural saltiness of seaweed makes it a far healthier alternative to salted-chocolate recipes.

+ Date and Seaweed Truffles - Dates are a super-ingredient with easily digestible vitamins and minerals. They're also a great energy booster, so share these around to revive the festive spark!

+ Chocolate, Chestnut, Cranberry and Seaweed Fridge Cake - a perfect accompaniment to mulled wine, these little squares of happiness aren't in the naughty corner thanks to super ingredients including seaweed.

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chocolate brownies with seaweed

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