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Seaweed is one of the planet's most nutrient-dense foods. These vegetables of the sea, recognised for their exceptional nutritional value, have played an important role as a dietary resource globally, for centuries.

All seaweeds are not the same, which is why we blend three different varieties to create our Seaweed 'Boost', maximising the nutrition in every teaspoon.

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Essential iodine for the dairy-free or dairy-limited

Iodine is an essential mineral, mainly found in dairy products. Whether you're dairy free, or are simply trying to consume less dairy products, seaweed is a valuable plant-based source of the iodine that your body requires.

The provenance of our seaweed sets us aside from supplements and pills, as it is traceable, local and 100% natural.

Just 1 to 2g of Seaweed Boost each day is spot-on for an adult's RNI of iodine (recommended nutritional intake). Find out more >

Iodine helps make thyroid hormones, which help keep cells and the metabolic rate (the speed at which chemical reactions take place in the body) healthy.

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From the South Coast, with love

Our seaweed comes from the South Coast of Devon, where we have a Crown Licence to harvest by hand.

By snipping with scissors we ensure very high standards of sustainability.

We regularly test the water quality in our area and it is confirmed as 'excellent' by the Environment Agency. When needed, we purchase extra seaweed from a European partner who cultivate and are certified Organic.

Healthy, tasty, easy is the mantra which drives our boat. We strive to help you incorporate this wonderfood into your diet every day, to reap the nutritional rewards.

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What people are saying...

“Seaweed is a new way of introducing nutrient dense ingredients into our diet. And it’s an important thing.” Karen Barnes, editor, Delicious Magazine

“Seaspoon seaweed is fresh and from a new and previously untapped ‘seabed’, it will therefore have maximum nutrition. I was delighted to see how carefully Seaspoon has sourced their seaweed. It is important to avoid toxins and for our food to grow in a healthy environment." Emma Monteith, Nutritional Therapist

“I use their products a lot to support iodine intake as we don't do much diary” Catherine Jeans, The Family Nutrition Expert

“Fabulous product and so easy to use!” Tammy

“I feel like it's a little health boost every time we add it!” Laura

“Since adding Seaspoon to my life I will not be going back!” Polly

Seaweed Boost 30g