Seaweed is one of the most nutrient dense natural plant foods on the planet. 

Seaspoon edible seaweed is unique in the way that we have made it super easy to incorporate this super sea vegetable into your daily life - no rehydrating, no chopping, no stewing. Just sprinkle....and go!

So let's get you started cooking and eating seaweed! 

seaweed chilli crush on a tableSEASPOON SEAWEED CHILLI CRUSH

Sprinkle liberally to benefit from the grandiose goodness of seaweed, whilst adding a touch of zing to your food. Treat Chilli Crush as a flavour booster for any dish, relegating the salt pot to the cupboard!

In July 2020 our latest addition to the Seaspoon crew was awarded Gold at the Taste of the West Awards - read all about it here >

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What does it look like?

Seaspoon Chilli Crush is made up of relatively fine flakes of brilliant red Aleppo chilli plus our fine seaweed flakes. It comes in a 25g shaker jar or 25g refill pouches (pouch is fully recyclable)

Edible Seaweed, an alternative to the salt pot

We could all do with cutting back on salt. Seaweed Seasoning benefits from the natural saltiness of seaweed as well playing with the 5th taste Umami. With just 6.5% salt content, if you sprinkle Seaweed Seasoning in place of salt, you'll be adding nutritional goodness, fibre, protein, morish flavour whilst reducing salt intake!

How much can I eat?

You can sprinkle Seaweed Chilli Crush liberally as whilst it does contain seaweed's naturally occurring iodine (which should be consumed in moderation) it would take approximately 4gms of the seasoning to reach an adult's RNI of Iodine140µg. Please also see our FAQ's

Beetroot dip with seaweed chilli crushHow much iodine is in Seaspoon Seaweed Chilli Crush?

You may be aware that too much iodine is as bad as too little, so this detail is very important to us. 4 grams of Seaweed Chilli Crush offers up approximately 130µg of iodine, vs an RNI (reference nutrient intake RNI's vary by age and gender we take recommended values from British Nutrition Foundation, revised Oct 2017, for healthy female adults aged between 19 - 50 years) of 140µg. Also see FAQ's.

What are Seaspoon Seaweed's Free From and Allergens credentials

All Seaspoon is Gluten Free and Dairy Free. Seaweed is a naturally vegan product. Due to the nature of its growing environment, there is a chance that traces of fish, crustaceans and molluscs may be present. 

How do I cook with it or eat it?

Throw caution to the wind and sprinkle Chilli Crush on everything - think scrambled eggs with smashed avocado, mixed into mayo for dipping fries, cheese on toast, soups and salad dressings.

chips with seaspoon edible seaweed seasoning

What does it taste like

The taste is totally addictive! The natural umami taste of the seaweed, plus the gentle heat from the Aleppo chilli makes a healthful and tasty flavour booster. 

What's in Seaspoon Seaweed Chilli Crush? (aka the ingredients)

Seaweed Chilli Crush uses Seaweed Boost DulseSea Spaghetti and Sea Lettuce) as a base, plus the mild Aleppo Chilli, selected for it's smooth and gentle warmth so as not to overpower the seaweed. A few additional ingredients make a versatile flavouring for any savoury dish.

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