seaspoon seaweed umami blend pack

Seaweed is one of the most nutrient dense natural plant foods on the planetSeaspoon seaweed is unique in the way that we have made it super easy to incorporate this super sea vegetable into your life 

So let's get you started cooking and eating seaweed! 


This is a mix of our original Seaweed Boost (40%) along with a mix of umami flavours including mushroom and tomato (full ingredients list see below). Seaspoon Seaweed Umami Blend makes it particularly easy to boost your cooking with added nourishment as well as incredible flavour. 

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What does it look like?

Here it is - Seaspoon Seaweed Umami Blend

Seaspoon edible seaweed, umami blend pack contents

What are Seaspoon Seaweed's FREE FROM credentials?

All Seaspoon is Gluten Free and Dairy Free. Seaweed is a naturally vegan product. Due to the nature of it's growing environment there is a chance that traces of fish, crustaceans and molluscs may be present. 

Mediterranean rice with edible seaweed. A vegetarian, gluten-free recipe

 How do I cook with it or eat it?

Umami Blend requires cooking - due to the mushroom ingredient. It works best in savoury dishes and is great for adding a nutritious stock-like depth of flavour 

  • In a bolognese or casserole
  • Marinades or rubs for meat, or dashed into a gravy when cooking
  • Sprinkled onto Roast Potatoes or Chips as they'e roasting
  • Dashed into a stir fry or curry

Steak with Seaspoon edible seaweed Umami blend marinade

What does it taste like?

The flavour is a rich umami, stimulating the fifth taste. The mushroom and tomato powder create a powerful natural, additive free, flavour. The seaweed itself is subtle, so you won't find the umami tasting of the sea! 

Gnocchi with Seaspoon edible seaweed umami blend and tomato

Recipe ideas

Our culinary captain, and Codon Bleu trained, Kate has rustled up a cookbook of recipes to show you just how easy it is to use Seaspoon Edible Seaweed Umami Blend into your every day life.

Recipes using Seaspoon Seaweed Umami Blend Mix > 

A pack of Seaspoon edible seaweed Umami blend tomatoes, garlic and onions

What's in Seaspoon Seaweed Umami Blend? (aka the ingredients)

Not only have we made cooking with seaweed simple, we've worked hard to get maximum nutrition into every gram of Seaspoon by using seaweed varieties in a balance of taste, vitamins and essential minerals. These are:

Seaweed has a natural umami flavour, but we add these extras for added intensity. Nothing more, nothing less:

  • tomato
  • mushroom
  • garlic
  • onion
  • salt and pepper

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