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Ahoy there! We can supply Seaspoon wholesale - and if that floats your boat, your in the right place.

Want to offer one of the most versatile, complete and nutritious foods to your customers?

Perfect for delis, butchers and fishmongers, our chic designed seaweed pouches are a splash of colour and intrigue. Our magical mixes all have a long life, but with a nutritional CV such as this, it won’t be left on the shelf!

Catch Tim by email for wholesale prices and more information.

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Interested in sprinkling the power of nature into your restaurant or ca menu? 

If you run a restaurant or café and like the idea of adding our products the nutrition and flavour of the deep to your recipe repertoire, get in touch for a sample pouch. Seaspoon Seaweed Boost can be added to any dish enhancing flavour, texture, colour and intrigue. From beans on toast to smoothies, mashes and rubs to dressings, there's nothing you can't add a sprinkling of Seaspoon Seaweed Boost to. 

Be sure to let us know when it’s on the menu as we’ll help spread the word. Our Seaweed umami Blend is also a great pack to reach for when wanting to add flavour and a goodness boost whilst cooking.

To get the ideas flowing, browse our Seaspoon recipes here >

Keen to use our nutritious ingredient from our mineral rich ocean as an ingredient in your own product?

From sausages to energy bars, mustard to chocolate, adding a teaspoon (2gms) of Seaspoon Seaweed Boost to your product will give it a nutritional CV inc. B12, plant protein, dietary fibre, with naturally occurring levels of iodine and a great punch of vitamin C. This age-old natural goodness will really make your fare stand out from the crowd.

Dive in and in catch Tim by email at to discuss  your requirements.