Dulse , foraging for edible seaweed in devon

Dulse (Palmaria palmata)

Dulse, the purple one, is one of our favourite, edible seaweeds, here at Seaspoon.

It's an elegant and beautiful looking seaweed with dark red or purple blades of varying widths, on occasion growing up to half a meter in length! These blades often split into sections that start to look like fingers on a hand, hence its name Palmaria.

Dulse comes with a rich cultural history eaten for centuries by people, especially those living along coastlines.

Of all the edible seaweeds, the flavour of Dulse is one of the closest to western taste buds. It has a pleasing sweet taste with salty, nut-like flavours, a little like bacon - so much so, that it’s starting to be seen as an agreeable substitute for fried bacon!

Dulse is a source of plant protein and potassium along with many other minerals. It is a key ingredient in all of our dried Seaweed pouches, blended with flakes of Sea Spaghetti and Sea Lettuce. 

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We sell pure Dulse in 5g pouches. It also plays an important part in our seaweed blends.

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