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Boost, nourish and energise with Seaspoon seaweed - a versatile, natural and complete way to sprinkle nutritional goodness into your food every day


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Sustainable seaweed, pure and simple

Hand picked with love

We blend four seaweeds (Sea Spaghetti, Sea Lettuce, Dulse and Sea Greens) into a nutritional mix that hits all the right notes. We pick and choose our seaweeds very carefully to ensure the finest quality whilst ensuring sustainability. When harvesting you will find us in our waders scissors to hand and of course our trusty boat Seaspoon ready to ferry us home.

With our Crown Licence to hand, we harvest seaweed on the South Coast of Devon, which once harvested are quickly taken back to Seaspoon HQ to be processed and included in our special Seaweed blends.

Flavour, nutrition and ease of use are our guiding principles. Our range of blends make incorporating this wonderfood into your meals/cooking easy. Our Seaweed Boost can be included to add great flavour, be included in your smoothies to give a boost or simply sprinkle, and go.

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Flavours with benefits

Never has it been so easy to boost meals with natural goodness

Seaweed is an unbeatable source of plant protein, high in fibre, a non-animal source of vitamin B12 and contains essential amino acids. It’s a natural and rewarding way to boost your intake of vitamins and minerals. Being a natural source of iodine, contains peptides and is great for skin and hair too. We don’t use kelp, so with one teaspoon a day, you’ll not exceed any of your RDIs.

Seaspoon Seaweed is gluten-free and we've made it so easy to use that you can sprinkle flavours with benefits every day!

Don't miss our Black Friday offer to save 30% - ends midnight!*

Shop now with code 'FRIDAY' for 30% off* >

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What people are saying...

“Seaweed is a new way of introducing nutrient dense ingredients into our diet. And it’s an important thing.” Karen Barnes, editor, Delicious Magazine

“Seaspoon seaweed is fresh and from a new and previously untapped ‘seabed’, it will therefore have maximum nutrition. I was delighted to see how carefully Seaspoon has sourced their seaweed. It is important to avoid toxins and for our food to grow in a healthy environment." Emma Monteith, Nutritional Therapist

“I’m completely hooked on Seaspoon and add one of the flavours to nearly every dish I make for my family. It’s amazing to know that I’m getting incredible nutrition into our meals each day, and even my fussiest eater isn’t missing out”. Sarah, Seaspoon customer, Norwich