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Halloumi Chips with Seaweed and Cranberry

Just when you thought squeaky cheese couldn't get any better....along comes this incredible Halloumi recipe that uses our Seaweed Boost flakes to pump up the flavour into a new stratosphere of yumminess!

This crowd-pleaser is spot-on as a sharing platter on an autumnal weekend but, trust us, they won't be around for long!



  1. Cut the halloumi into chips and dust with cornflour.
  2. Fry chips in olive oil in a frying pan until brown on all sides.
  3. Heat the honey with the cranberry sauce and Seaspoon Seaweed Boost for half a minute (until runny)
  4. Serve halloumi fries with sauce drizzled on top and serve extra sauce to dip the chips in.

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