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Date and Almond Seaweed Energy Balls, using Seaweed Boost

Here is a different, but equally delicious, energy ball receipe. A quick and easy healthy superfood snack. Almonds deliver a massive amount of nutrients added with Seaweeds impressive list of vitamins and minerals , these are truly a wonderfood snack.

  • 150g Soft Dried Dates
  • 75g Blanched Almonds/ ground almonds
  • 60 g Porridge Oats moistened with 30ml of Cranberry juice / Apple juice / Water
  • 1 teaspoons Seaspoon Seaweed Boost (two 2g Sachets )  

Blend  the almonds first in food processor then add all ingredients and pulse until it starts to come together. Roll into 12 balls. Keep in fridge or freezer if not using within a few days.

Makes 12 energy balls.

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