Try our Seaweed Seasoning, an alternative to the salt pot > Try our Seaweed Seasoning, an alternative to the salt pot >
Beetroot, Feta and Seaweed Burgers


Vegetarian food has never been more exciting and, “news flash”, you don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy it.  This burger is bound to surprise and delight even the most die-hard meat eaters. 

Whether you are a committed veggie, are flirting with the idea of eating less meat or are embracing the quest for meat-free Mondays, you may worry whether your body can get the essential vitamins and minerals it needs.

Mixing Seaspoon Seaweed Herb Mix or Seaweed Boost in with the beetroot and feta will provide you with a great source of plant-based vitamin B12, proteins and iodine.

You know what they say….a Seaspoon a day... it’s all you need!



  1. Boil the beetroot for 30 to 40 mins with the skin on. Then remove skin, cool, grate and pat dry.
  2. Stir all the ingredients together and make into six burgers. Fry in a little oil being careful when you turn then over as they can break up (note that these are not good on a barbecue as they will break up a bit).
  3. Serve in a bun with salad.

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