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Seven reasons to dive into seaweed

Seaweed has been eaten around the globe for thousands of years. There are a seemingly infinite number of varieties, over 500 of which grow here in UK waters. 

So why are we at Seaspoon so enamored with Seaweed? Put quite simply, it's down to being one of the most nutrient dense natural foodstuffs on the planet.

Here are our seven reasons, from the seven seas, to dive into Seaspoon seaweed.

  1. Seaweed is a package of all-round nutrition and acts as an all-round tonic. It’s a rich source of naturally occurring plant proteins, nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals. Our Seaspoon Seaweed Boost mixes four seaweed types, sea spaghetti, dulse, sea greens and sea lettuce. This magic mix balances the nutritional content, creating a final product that a teaspoon (2gms) can be eaten daily.
  2. Seaweed contains naturally occurring iodine. Each Seaspoon on-the-go Seaweed Boost 2g sachet contains approximately 130 mcg in line with British Nutrition Foundation RNI for an adult of 140 mcg. Iodine is an essential mineral and is most commonly found in dairy and fish. This makes sourcing naturally occurring iodine an important issue for vegans and other particular groups. Too much is as problematic as too little, which is why we do not use Kelp, which has a very high iodine count, in our Seaspoon mix - also see FAQ's
  3. Seaweed is naturally low in fat and goes well with other healthy foods. Each Seaspoon on-the-go Boost 2g sachet is designed to be taken out and about.
  4. Seaweed is great for digestive health. Seaweeds are rich in dietary fibre which is hugely important in terms of digestion. Thanks to being packed with fibre, seaweed can help you feel a little fuller for longer. 
  5. Seaweed is for vegetarians. Seaweed add a different taste and combination of substances to those found in land based plants and they can play an important role in human nutrition. Seaweed grow in our oceans and we don't use chemicals when washing our seaweed and therefore there maybe traces of Fish,Crustaceans & Mulluscs. Please also see our FAQ's.
  6. Seaweed is not a fad. It has been eaten as a healthy, nutritious food for millennia. The Japanese are renowned for their consumption of seaweed as part of a broader diet that varies significantly to the West, and knowing what we know about seaweed, it’s no surprise to us to read that, in general, they have a lower obesity rate than the UK.
  7. Seaspoon - sprinkle the power of this wonderfood into your meals every day. Our complex, balanced and highly nutritious blends are designed to be quick and easy - with on-the-go daily Boost sachets to power-up your smoothie or any dish and flavoured blends for cooks to stimulate taste buds and add natural goodness. 

Seaweed has captured our hearts and we expect that, after reading these seven reasons, it’s captured yours too!

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