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Seaweed Seasoning making waves

As Mitch Tonks’ hugely successful Rockfish open their latest restaurant in Exeter Quay, with Poole and Weymouth to follow later this year, customers will be finding something very new on the tables. Seaweed!

Here at Seaspoon, we have teamed up with Rockfish to create an exciting new seaweed seasoning that sits as an alternative to the 'salt pot'. Packed with flavour and dramatically reduced salt content, and we're expecting it to make a big splash!

Tim and Kate outside Rockfish, Exeter, seaspoon seaweed seasonings

Seaweed has a naturally salty taste and plays with our 5th taste umami, as well as being known as one of the most nutritious vegetables on our planet. Not only is it tasty, but it grows abundantly in the high-quality waters of Devon’s South coast. Put those together, with a few additional choice ingredients and you've got Seaspoon Seaweed Seasoning - the perfect accompaniment to your Rockfish fish and chips.

Rockfish restaurant, Exeter Quays, Mitch Tonks

Our Seaspoon co-founder, Tim, says  ‘We’ve harnessed the natural goodness and taste of seaweed, plus a few choice extra ingredients including tomato, to create a healthy, big flavoured alternative to the salt pot that you can sprinkle without guilt. It’s not just for fish either; our seasoning is fantastic on just about anything. Not only does seaweed have a broad range of nutrients, it's high also in fibre, is a source of plant protein and contains omega oils and with just 6.5g/100g salt its a bit of a win-win.


Tim Buckley and Kate Tullberg, Seaspoon, at Rockfish Exeter Quays

Chatting with Mitch Tonks, he said “These are exciting times for Rockfish. Our collaboration with Seaspoon in creating this seasoning brings something new to our tables that our customers won’t have come across before. It could be easy to think of seaweed as something to enjoy with seafood, but we’re going to change that - soon every dinner table will have a seasoning trio of seaweed, salt and pepper!"

Mitch adds “Keeping things local is important to us, and authenticity is a big deal. As Rockfish expands, it’s essential that we retain individuality and honesty to our ingredients. Seaspoon embody this outlook, making them an ideal partner to work with as we continue to grow.”

Seaspoon seaweed seasoning - buy online

We harvest seaweed by hand in Devon, just a stone’s throw from the original Rockfish in Dartmouth. And you can enjoy the taste of Seaspoon every day – buy your very own shaker of Seaweed Seasoning

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