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Seaweed as a salt alternative

In BBC One's Supermarket Secrets on 10 April 2019, Gregg Wallace heralded seaweed as a natural alternative to salt.

In the programme, Gregg, who says "I've worked in the food industry for all my life", explained how, as a nation, we're looking to dramatically reduce our salt consumption and how the natural saltiness of seaweed makes it a viable alternative.

seaweed on BBC One's Supermarket Secrets 2019

In the programme, Gregg Wallace says "One of the biggest health trends of recent years has been to reduce this stuff…salt or sodium chloride.

Eating too much has been linked to a myriad of serious health conditions such as heart disease and cancer. In a bid to be healthy we’re now eating 50% less salt that we were 15 years ago.

But many of us still crave the strong flavour that salt brings. So coming up with a salty taste without harmful effects is a big prize."

edible seaweed seasonings - seaweed natural salt alternative

Here at Seaspoon we believe we've got the answer for you!

Our Seaweed Seasoning, which contains just 6.5% salt, has been prepared as an alternative to the salt pot. The seasoning uses our pure Seaweed Boost as its main ingredient (see below) so that it retains a naturally salty taste. We've added a few extra ingredients (tomato, garlic, pepper and a smidgeon of sea salt) to further boost the flavour - resulting in a seasoning that's strong in flavour with more than 90% less salt than salt!  

edible seaweed flakes - seaweed seasoning - alternative to the salt pot

Our pure seaweed mix, Seaweed Boost, is a blend of Dulse, Sea Greens Sea Lettuce and Sea Spaghetti. The natural saltiness of the seaweed makes it a wonderful flavour enhancer to any meal, packed with nutrition and no added salt.

Similar to the UK seaweed company featured in the Supermarket Secrets programme (series 3 episode 1), we are proud to use hand-harvesting methods of collecting our seaweed.

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