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Salt Awareness Week - sprinkle seaweed instead of salt

Salt Awareness Week takes place every March. The week is also special to us as it marks the anniversary of the launch of our Seaweed Seasoning, a healthier alternative to the salt pot. 

Too much salt is a serious thing. Action Salt states that "a high salt diet raises our blood pressure, increasing the risk of having a stroke or developing heart disease" and that it is also "linked to osteoporosis, kidney disease and stomach cancer."

salt awareness week

This is where seaweed comes in. The natural saltiness of Seaweed paired with the big flavours of our award-winning blends, mean you can banish the salt caddy to the cupboard!

1g of salt is equivalent to 15g of our Seaweed SeasoningBetter still, seaweed boosts food with extra vitamins and minerals too including essential iodineThere's no fancy footwork (or cooking) required...simply sprinkle seaweed instead of salt. 

It's not just our Seaweed Seasoning either - try the full range including the multi-award-winning Seaweed Boost and Seaweed Chilli Crush.

We have a flotilla of recipes moored here, but representing the recommended daily 6g of salt, here are our top six, super-simple ways to sprinkle seaweed instead of salt.

1: Club sandwich with seaweed seasoning

club sandwich with seaweed seasoning

2. The Feminist Foodies 'Seaweed and Pepper Fries'

Seaweed and pepper fries

3. Courgetti spaghetti

courgetti spaghetti

4. Shell on prawns

shell on prawns with seaweed seasoning

5. Summer salad of feta, tomato, pomegranate, orange, french beans and Seaweed Seasoning

Summer salad with seaweed seasoning

6. Duo of Smoked Fish Pâtés with seaweed

smoked fish pate with seaweed

You can shop for Seaspoon Seaweed Seasoning, and all our other blends, from our webshop:

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