Get our latest, delicious, seaweed recipes > Get our latest, delicious, seaweed recipes >
Our top 5 baking with seaweed recipes, for National Baking Week

For National Baking Week, we've brought together some of our very favourite bakes that are made all the tastier thanks to a teaspoon (or two) of Seaspoon! 

Seaweed cakes, seaweed scones, seaweed bread, seaweed can bake pretty much anything with our seaweed flakes.

1. Cheese, Seaweed and Herb Scones

In these Cheese, Seaweed and Herb Scones, the big flavour of our Seaweed Herb Mix means you can cut down on salt!

cheese, seaweed and herb scones

2. Dulse and Cranberry Flourless Chocolate Brownies

Wholesome ingredients including Dulse seaweed, beetroot, ground almonds and dark chocolate make this recipe a goal for Team Nutritious!

cranberry and seaweed flourless brownie


3. Seaweed Sourdough Focaccia recipe by Herbs & Wild

Seaweed's natural saltiness makes it the perfect addition to your focaccia toppings. By making this with a sourdough, this is a very on-trend bake!

seaweed and sourdough focaccia

 4. Apple and Seaweed cake recipe

The subtle flavour of Seaspoon Seaweed Boost makes it an ideal addition to any recipe, pumping it up with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.
apple and seaweed cake

5. Carrot and Seaweed cakes (gluten-free)

These wholesome carrot and seaweed cakes are perfect for lunch boxes, afternoon snacks or even as an on-the-go breakfast.  With a good dose of vitamin A from the carrots and all those naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in the Seaspoon Seaweed Boost, you can lick the bowl to your heart’s content!

seaweed and carrot cake

We've got even more recipes to get you started baking with seaweed. And many more recipes too.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your Seaspoon today (or shop from one of our much-loved seaweed stockists) and get cooking!

shop for seaweed today

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