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Cut the salt this Christmas with our top 10 festive recipes

Don't let your Christmas menu be on the naughty list this year - you can create deliciously tasty festive dishes with a fraction of the salt with Seaspoon seaweed.

From the main event, to snacks and treats, ditch the salt and pick up the seaweed this Christmas.  

Here are our top 10 Christmas recipes with Seaweed - enjoy!

1. Red Cabbage with Dulse Seaweed (Vegan)Red Cabbage with Dulse Seaweed | Vegan recipe

Red cabbage is an important player in the quest for a rainbow diet of fruit and veg. At Seaspoon HQ we serve it for more than just Christmas, because of its incredible nutritional properties - boosted further in this recipe by the addition of Dulse seaweed flakes. Read more 


2. Christmas Nut Roast with Seaweed (Vegan)

Christmas Nut Roast with Seaweed | Vegan recipe
Nut roast is a festive favourite at Seaspoon HQ, and for a very good reason. This flavourful vegan recipe is boosted with added vitamins and essential minerals by including Seaweed. Serve hot on Christmas Day, and enjoy the leftovers (if there are any!) cold on Boxing Day. Read more

3. Chocolate, Chestnut, Cranberry and Seaweed Fridge Cake

Chocolate, Chestnut, Cranberry and Seaweed Fridge Cake

These little squares of happiness don't sit as close to the naughty corner as you might think! Super ingredients seaweed, dark chocolate, cranberries and chestnuts all boost nourishment. Read more

4. Date and seaweed trufflesDate and seaweed truffles Dates are positively a super-ingredient with easily digestible vitamins and minerals. They're also a great energy booster, so share a platter of these little balls of energy around to revive the Christmas spark after a snooze on the sofa!

5. Duo of Smoked Fish Pâtés with seaweed

Duo of Smoked Fish Pâtés with seaweed

Seaweed and fish go hand in hand (or fin in fin?), so why limit yourself to a single fish pâté recipe? Perfect as a festive starter or canape, this recipe duo is a quick and easy way to make a splash with your Christmas entertaining! Read more

6. A Festive Tart - Leek, Cranberry and Seaweed

A Festive Tart - Leek, Cranberry and Seaweed
Leeks are a source of dietary fibre and vitamin C, making them a formidable veg to include in your festive spread. Nutritionally boosted by seaweed, this tart, or flan, would make a lovely light dish for boxing day, alongside any leftover turkey. Read more
Chocolate and Seaweed Truffles
The natural saltiness of seaweed makes it a far healthier alternative to salt in salted-caramel or salted-chocolate recipes. Give these super easy, super tasty and super impressive truffles a try and you'll see exactly what we mean!

Read more.

10. Halloumi Chips with Seaweed and Cranberry

Halloumi Chips with Seaweed and Cranberry
Just when you though the squeaky cheese couldn't get any better....along comes this incredible Halloumi recipe that uses our Seaweed Boost to pump up the flavour into a new stratosphere of yumminess! Read more

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