🍹 Try your hand at mixology this summer, with a seaweed twist > 🍹 Try your hand at mixology this summer, with a seaweed twist >
Beat Iodine deficiency with seaweed, one of the best naturally occurring sources of iodine

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…. seaweed is not a new fad. There was a period during the fast food boom where the western world saw seaweed drop off its menus, but more recently with a determination to eat more healthily it's making a strong resurgence.

Research and new studies coming to light highlights our need for Iodine intake with some demographics apparently seeing alarmingly low levels of iodine. 

Many of us simply associate iodine with a grazed knee – but that’s just the tip of the iodine iceberg. As stated on NHS.org.uk, in our bodies, iodine “helps make thyroid hormones, which help keep cells and the metabolic rate – the speed at which chemical reactions take place in the body – healthy.” These thyroid hormones are also essential for the brain development of babies during pregnancy. 

A 2014 report on ‘Iodine deficiency in pregnancy’ concluded that ‘findings show an association between mild-to-moderate iodine deficiency in pregnancy and suboptimum child cognitive development at 8–9 years’.

Seaweed is one of the best naturally occurring sources of iodine, alongside eggs, fish and milk. For vegans, seaweed is by far the best choice. 

Seaweed for Iodine

Seaspoon sachets 2 gms is in line with RNI Reference Nutrient Intake  contain just the right amount for your adult recommended daily intake. Its one of the trace elements that often goes unmentioned. see also our FAQ's

Iodine is really important to our bodies and seaweed is an incredible natural source. This precious mineral stimulates our thyroid gland to produce essential hormones that regulate metabolism and the growth rate of cells in the body. Society as a whole is getting less iodine these days, but too much can be as dangerous as too little - see FAQs on our website for more information.

See the results

When Jamie Oliver shed two stone a couple of years ago, along with cutting out white, unprocessed foods, he also added seaweed to his diet, calling it ‘the most nutrtious vegetable in the world’. He’s not mentioned it as such, but here at Seaspoon we think his skin and hair have benefited too!

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